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Specialists in Real Estate Law

In recent years, Real Estate Law has gained special importance since it constitutes one of the main engines of the economy of advanced countries.
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The department of consumers and user protection law

Real estate law is one of the most important legal areas in our legal system, as it deals with issues of particular notoriety and sensitivity, such as the purchase and sale of real estate, rental or lease contracts for urban property, as well as any type of operation that concerns the real estate system, including any legal disputes that may arise from it.

In addition, in recent years property law has become particularly important, as it is one of the main economical driving forces of developed countries. It is an area of constant social, political, legislative and administrative change.

From a legal point of view, it can be defined as the field of Civil Law that regulates everything related to real estate activity, such as; Royal Rights, the Land Registry, Mortgage Legislation, Lease Agreements or Contracts for the Purchase and Sale of Real Estate and Real Estate Companies.

Legal services of a lawyer specialising in property law.

Navas & Cusí, has a department of lawyers specialised in all types of real estate transactions, and our advice services include the following professional actions:

– Advice, drafting, negotiation, accompaniment in property purchase and sale operations, as well as drafting of urban leasing contracts.
– Advice on urban planning matters, as well as technical management of contentious-administrative procedures.
– Advice and technical direction of compulsory purchase procedures.
– Legal procedures for monetary claims.
– Real estate procedures prior to Land Registry.
– Property and tax advice on property investments.
– Tax treatment of real estate operations and investments.
– Advice and direction of procedures for claiming construction defects and building defects.
-Drafting and advice for sale or rental contracts, with the option to buy or surface.
– Property leasing and property contracts.
– Advice on national and international town planning matters. For this purpose, we have our office in Brussels.
– Advice on matters of buying and selling property complexes (hotels, development contracts, timeshares) at a national and international level.
– Constitution and problems derived from condominium and residents’ association.
– Advice on expropriation matters, Compensation Board, as well as on all kinds of legal proceedings and on energy efficiency and environmental protection, given that Navas y Cusí always take into account the protection and preservation of the environment.
– Continuous legal advice to developers, compensation boards, real estate agents and land demarcation.
– Advice and technical management of unconscionable works, noise and contestation of neighbourhood agreements.

Real Estate Law is subject to constant change, and the jurisprudence emanated by our courts -especially the Supreme Court-, has been in charge of defining the criteria to be followed in the different legal aspects and problems that have arisen in urban law and in the different real estate transactions, with the aim of maintaining a certain extent of legal security in compliance with regulations.

Since the purchase and sale of real estate is one of the most common real estate transactions in our country, it is important to have the advice of a law firm specialised in real estate law in order to keep up to date with these legal and jurisprudential developments.

Furthermore, there is no doubt that in the Spanish real estate market there is an increasing number of investments made by foreigners due to the attraction that Spain has for non-resident citizens due to its geographical location, its climate and culture, the level of income, the evolution of prices in European markets and the relative cost of living in the destination country compared to the investor’s country of origin, among many other factors.

For all the above reasons, it is very important to have adequate legal advice, since various laws and legal and tax systems come into play in this type of operation, and it is therefore very important to be well informed on these regulations, as well as on the case law applicable to the specific case.

If you require legal advice on property matters, please do not hesitate to contact any of our offices located in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, and internationally, Brussels (Belgium), and a lawyer specialised in property law from Navas & Cusí will provide you with assistance for all of the legal advice and support you need.