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Cryptocurrency scams and capital recovery

Have you suffered a cryptocurrency scam? Due to our experience, equipment and electronic means, there are possibilities of recovering the invested capital. Our expert lawyers in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain will give you the necessary security to operate in this new technology.

Cryptocurrency Lawyers

At Navas & Cusí we are experts in cryptocurrencies and we have a team of lawyers specialized in advising both companies and individuals and investors in all operations and legal problems arising from the use of cryptocurrencies.

Recovering the money

Cryptocurrency thefts are proving to be a misfortune for a multitude of people. Not only because of the theft, but also because they do not know how to act in order to have a real chance of recovering the capital. There are real options to recover the amount defrauded, but only if you have good advice and professionals with experience in the matter.

At Navas & Cusí we are experts in cryptocurrency scams, and in acting to maximize the chances of recovering the swindled capital. To this end, as cryptocurrency scam and capital recovery lawyers, we have structured a team of experts in this area.

Our success is not only based on an expert team in Blockchain and fraud crimes, but also on the best technology so that the chances of recovery are real. For this purpose, at Navas & Cusí we have the best digital tools (practically reserved for supranational entities, banks, security forces or ministries) to trace the flow of the money swindled in cryptocurrencies and carry out the necessary activities to block that money according to its destination. Digital crimes must be attacked in a digital way, that is why our tools are based on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics tracking.

We also perform forensic services for frauds that have occurred, both for individuals and companies and Investment Services Companies or Crypto providers.

Cryptocurrency scams

Cryptocurrency scams are those in which the user is sufficiently deceived so that he or she unknowingly performs acts intended to cause financial damage to the benefit of others. These cryptocurrency scams can be divided into three groups:

1. scams that are based on social engineering, the traditional deception through which you convince someone that you are going to manage their money to put it in a certain entity and then you take control of the account and keep it for yourself;

2. Phishing, through which by means of messages and data that we have been able to find from the victim we access to the control of his account by trusting a series of links or information that we have previously transmitted to him to mislead him.

3. Scams that consist of giving the image of being a serious business but in the end that business does not exist as such and that the third party has been deceived into contributing money to a supposed investment company that is not.

Once we have been scammed, what we need to do is to carry out sufficient and well-targeted activities designed to obtain the recovery of the cryptocurrency capital. These possibilities of success are by no means categorical or certain, what is a reality is that if we want to ensure or at least try to obtain the money, the necessary activities must be carried out through legal channels accompanied by a good work of technological analysis and research in order to recover the maximum amount of capital.

For this it is necessary to have a team of expert lawyers in cryptocurrency scam which can bring their knowledge obtained to obtain the maximum possible capital and who has been scammed. In other words, we need a team that is capable of blending the legal knowledge to deal with the crime of fraud with sufficient technological knowledge to ensure the chances of success.

In Navas cusí we have an expert team both in the arch part in the technological part as well as the necessary tools to try to assure the recovery of the greater part of the capital of the client. In this regard, we should point out that we are currently managing a multitude of cases to have capital, and we have already been able to recover capital in several of them. The only thing that is clear is that if there is no activity to try to stop the scammers and recover the money they will continue to scam.