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Legal Practice in Brussels

Navas & Cusí, specialists in EU law, with a practice in Brussels, offer advice, claims and training in Community legislation.
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Where to find us and our schedule in Navas & Cusí Brussels


Navas & Cusí Abogados Brussels
Avenue Géneral de Gaulle, 47, 1050 Ixelles , Brussels
Telephone +32 227 301 54
Monday-Friday 09:00 – 14:00
15:00 – 20:00
Navas & Cusí, a national referent in financial and banking law as well as European Union law, offers service from their practice in Brussels.

Services related to the banking and financial sector

Under this branch of activity issues such as malpractice, claims for abuse by banking institutions and unfair contract terms are addressed. In addition, cross-border jurisdictional conflicts will be addressed, or application of European legislation to national judicial decisions will be required. These services will be supplemented with training on community law and the Spanish market.

Implementation of eu law in the field of tourism and hospitality

In this field, we will advise, evaluate and represent, ensuring that the promotion of tourism activities adjusts to the national and European legal frameworks.
As a complement, training activities will take place on community law and the Spanish market.

Private application and claims for violations of competition and consumer law

The main activity of this department will be supplemented with training activities on community law and both Spanish and specific market legislation.

Tracking and dissemination of european projects

In addition, Navas&Cusí offers representation in Brussels to associations and law firms, broadening information and monitoring throughout the preparation of new European legislation.

The team has extensive experience in advising both the public and private sector. Each one of the professionals on the Brussels team is trained in different areas of specialization at Navas&Cusí, allowing for agile and professional services to be tendered, in this case, internationally…

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