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Lawyer specialising in fashion law | Fashion Law

At Navas & Cusi we have a team of lawyers specialising in those branches that make up fashion law, guaranteeing cross-cutting advice to both companies and individual agents.
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Fashion has become a key economic sector, due to the high levels of turnover it generates worldwide.  However, with digitalization, this sector is facing new challenges, and given its complexity, it is essential to have adequate legal responses to ensure its protection in all areas that cover the entire value chain: production, logistics, distribution, sale to the consumer, agents involved or image.  This is how the concept of Fashion Law came about, to regulate all aspects that affect the fashion industry.

Fashion Law

Fashion has always been present in our history and culture as a way of expressing part of our personality.

Nowadays, it has become a sector that represents an enormous weight for the world economy. This is why the need arises to establish its relationship with the law, with the aim of guaranteeing its legal protection in all areas.

Thus, the concept of fashion law, also known by its Anglo-Saxon term as Fashion Law, has arisen as a specialty of law that covers all the legal aspects related to the fashion industry, from design, production, logistics, transport to the sales process, even after being delivered to the end consumer.

The concept of fashion is understood in its broadest sense, not being limited exclusively to the textile sector, but also including various categories such as cosmetics, fragrances, jewelry, luxury goods, footwear, and others.

Legal disciplines covered by fashion law

Unlike other branches of law, fashion law does not have a specific regulation but is composed of different legal disciplines, such as labor law, tax law, civil law, new technologies, and above all Intellectual and Industrial Property.

It is essential to identify which legal tools are the most suitable for guaranteeing the protection of all business activity within the fashion sector.

At Navas & Cusí we offer comprehensive and cross-cutting advice on fashion law, aimed at companies in the sector, luxury firms, fashion agencies, online or physical shops, designers, models, and photographers, as well as digital start-ups in the sector.

Intellectual Property

  • Protection of creations by way of copyright (textile creations, bags, shoes, etc.).
  • Defense and legal assistance for copyright infringement proceedings.
  • Contracts for the assignment of exploitation rights.

Industrial Property

  • Registration of trademarks, designs, and trade names.
  • Renewal of trademarks.
  • Defense against counterfeiting or plagiarism.
  • Patent protection.
  • Mediation.

Online Reputation

  • Protection of honor, personal privacy, and self-image.
  • Protection against Fake news.
  • Protection actions in social networks.
  • Brand misuse.
  • Actions against false reviews.
  • Exercising the right to be forgotten.

Cosmetics and perfumes

  • Contracts with distributors and manufacturers
  • Consumer protection
  • Labeling obligations for cosmetic products
  • Licensing
  • Protection of packaging
  • Trade secrets

Commercial contracts

Advising and drafting contracts with partners, designers, agencies, distributors, influencers, brand ambassadors and models. Planning and execution of partnerships with third parties.

Advice on the creation and development of new companies.


  • Advice on the creation of a digital shop and the sale of products.
  • Drafting of Legal Notice and Privacy Policy.
  • Consumer protection.


Advice on the implementation and protection of advertising campaigns on social networks and other media.

Sustainable fashion

  • Advice on compliance with the general principles of environmental law.
  • Licenses or authorizations for different activities.

Opening of establishments and holding of fashion events

  • Advice on holding fashion shows and events.
  • Permits, licenses, or authorizations for the opening of establishments.


  • Tax advise for purchases and sales to European Union member countries and non-member third countries.
  • Advice on VAT repercussion.
  • Environmental tax regulations.


At Navas & Cusí we have a multidisciplinary team of lawyers specialising in all the legal branches that make up Fashion Law, in order to be able to guarantee cross-cutting advice to all companies and agents involved in the sector. Consult our team without obligation.