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Lawyers specialists in Digital Identity and Online Reputation

At Navas & Cusí we are experts in Online Reputation, we have a team of specialist lawyers who offer advice aimed at protecting digital identity.
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Digital Identity | Online Reputation

With the advent of the Internet, buying, investing, recommending or applying for a job depends to a large extent on how we are perceived by others, in other words, our reputation. Brand misuse, insults, threats, defamation, etc. can affect both business and personal image. Finding the most effective legal response is essential to protect reputation.

Online Reputation

Reputation in general is the perception that others have of us, whether we are a company or a person. It is an intangible asset that is of growing importance for companies and individuals, as it underpins their competitive advantages, as its characteristics give them a strong potential to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

In the process of globalization in which we find ourselves, the differentiation of products and services in many cases almost non-existent, for this reason, we see many companies that in their advertising what they offer their customers is an intangible such as Satisfaction, since the rest of the products or services that are also offered by other companies.

But this problem is not only limited to companies; on a personal level, the training of professionals is also practically non-existent, and the reputation acquired is a differentiating factor for the person or professional. Therefore, creating, managing or protecting our reputation, whether at a company or personal level, is fundamental as it provides a multitude of benefits: it reduces costs, stabilizes prices, attracts investment, favors an upward listing on the stock markets, multiplies the value of the brand, attracts and retains talented employees, attracts quality suppliers, builds customer loyalty, encourages cross-selling of products, attracts innovation, creates barriers to competition, minimizes the impact of a crisis, favors differentiation, boosts relationships of trust and favors accessibility to new markets or jobs.

With the advent of the Internet, the loss of reputation, whether at corporate or individual level, can happen at any time, from anywhere, has a global reach and leave a digital footprint that can last over time. Having an effective legal response is essential to protect reputation.

At Navas & Cusí we are experts in Online Reputation, we have a team of specialist lawyers who offer advice aimed at protecting digital identity.

Digital Identity

The Digital Identity is the set of information about a person or company published on the Internet, which shapes the image that others have of us or our company. This information can be made up of: personal data, comments, news, images, tastes, hobbies, products, services, etc., and is what defines the Online Reputation of the person or company.

The problem with Digital Identity is that it is built through any information posted on the Internet, which sometimes does not correspond to reality, causing negative effects on people or companies.

Therefore, it is necessary to take certain security and privacy measures on the Internet so that our image is not damaged by techniques such as: identity theft, information leaks, improper use of the brand, negative evaluations, etc.

It is essential to protect all elements that represent the prestige of a brand or person on the Internet, in other words, online reputation. At Navas & Cusí we value online reputation, as a good online reputation can generate numerous opportunities and new business, which is why we offer the following services for its protection:

  • Protection of Digital Identity.
  • Defense against infringements of the right to honor, privacy and self-image.
  • Actions to exercise the right to be forgotten.
  • Protection against negative evaluations.
  • Misuse of the brand.
  • Protection actions on social networks.
  • Digital will.
  • Fake news.