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Institutional Relations, Lobbying and Business Communications - European Affairs

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Institutional Relations, Lobbying and Business Communications - European Affairs

Every day, in every single interaction with our family, friends, co-workers and others we do lobby. We seek to inform and convey our opinion to them. These interactions, which are natural, are what we define as Lobby in N&C. We bring your right arguments to the policy makers.

Lobbying is a necessary activity

It is logical that the groups affected by the legislation are able and actually express their points of view to the policymakers, who cannot live aside from the society for which they legislate.
85% of the European politicians expressed that lobby improves their legislative activity.

It is not lobbying, it is a lack of transparency that may provoke distrust and wrong assumptions. This has been the case since the era of obscurantism until the advent of digital technology. The legislator must be informed with transparency.

For all organisations and companies, regardless of their size or structure, involving in the policymaking is essential.

What N & C does for its clients:

  • Identifythe opportunities and risks of the regulations initiatives that will be discussed and developed.
  • Preparethe message with its arguments for the legislative institutions.
  • Analysethe positions of other affected stakeholders.
  • Createbridges for a direct dialogue of those affected.

N&C’s expertise is to communicate and build relationships with national and international organisations.

N&C’s objective is to advocate for the appropriate regulatory frameworks affecting the interests and sector of the companies and groups that we represent.

We know why, when, how and to whom lobby.

N&C’s team is specialist in:

  • Policies, initiatives and European Union regulations.
  • Participation in working groups and platforms of the European Union.
  • Access to European Union’s funds.
  • Free competition.
  • Complaints and appeals.

Evaluation of the possible projects and preparation of the application proposals

The submission of applications for European calls or tenders requires more than ever a professional management and support as a consequence of the growing number of candidates and the high competition among them.
N&C offers its professional team services evaluating the viability of your project, adjusting your idea to the EU requirements, and advising you in each of the steps to submit an excellent proposal.

The seven steps:

  • 1- Evaluation of your project viability.
  • 2- Search and identification of the most suitable European funding programme.
  • 3- Discussion with the EU Commission officials on the aspects of the project (always following the strict principles of the transparency register that we subscribe).
  • 4- Preparation of an action plan for the project proposal presentation according to the stages of each fund grant.
  • 5- Design and coordination of the Consortium (when required).
  • 6- Adaptation of the content of the project proposal to the EU requirements and evaluation criteria.
  • 7- Presentation of the proposal with all the requesting supporting documents for the grant application.

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