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Banking and financial law

All the members of the Banking and Financial Law Department have proven experience in even the most diverse operations within the market.
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That Navas & Cusí is a leading company in this field, both nationally and internationally, is beyond doubt. The evidence lies in the many favourable rulings.
Banking law refers to that area of ​​law formed by the set of rules relating to the operation and good practice of financial institutions with their clients. In other words, it is the norm that regulates and dictates how banks should proceed, when marketing a product or offering a banking service, to a client, whether consumer or professional.

In the event that there is an infringement of this set of rules regarding bank transparency and the proper functioning of the financial system, this should be analyzed for possible liability of financial institutions. This has happened with the so-called preferred shares, multi-currency option loans, Banco Popular shares, bonds, structured products, etc.

Our clients have obtained more than 470 complex sentences won.

With offices in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Brussels (Belgium), the imprint and good work of Navas & Cusí in this area, both nationally and internationally, are beyond doubt. This is evidenced by the numerous favorable judgments.

In banking law we can defend our clients in various ways, either through the courts, negotiating or even previously reviewing any questions that they may have.

We differentiate ourselves not only by obtaining favorable and pioneering results for our clients, but we try to give personalized attention to understand all the particularities of each case and give the best solution to it. Contact us if you have any questions or see on our blogs how we can help you.

If this is not the case, consumers and companies, in their multiple scenarios, have the legitimate right to demand the direct application of the Community Directives that have not been correctly transposed internally, as well as to claim patrimonial responsibility to the Spanish state for breach of European or Community Union law.

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