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New Technology Specialists

At Navas & Cusí we are ahead of the curve by innovating, adapting and transforming our legal teams, through our department specialising in new technology law, in order to provide the best response to our clients “Prior in tempore potior in iure”, and to provide legal certainty at all stages of the process, thus contributing to not slowing down the technological development that our society is experiencing.
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Legal Tech

The revolution already referred to by many as the ``fourth industrial revolution`` also directly affects the law, creating new challenges and legal challenges in areas such as Data Protection, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, requiring the creation of legal teams specialised in this new reality. Bearing in mind that the implementation of new technologies is and will be of paramount importance and that their application is rapid with respect to their regulation, it is necessary to know what the consequences and legal limits, rights or obligations that may arise from them may be..

Legal advice in New Technologies Law (ICT)

Given our experience in new technologies law, below is a brief mention of some of the practice areas we work in.

Intellectual Property (IP)

The importance of protecting innovations through Intellectual Property, which encompasses both Industrial Property (patents, utility models, trademarks and designs) and Copyright, lies in a benefit for innovators in the sense of securing their creations and protecting them, thus avoiding a loss of profits or a leakage of information that others can take advantage of.

  • Intellectual and Industrial Property
  • Copyright protection. Copyright licensing.
  • Software law.
  • Patents and utility models.
  • Internal Trademarks, European Trademarks, International Trademarks and trade names.
  • Technology transfer.
  • Audiovisual law.
  • We offer comprehensive advice and defence in intellectual property matters through lawyers specialising in intellectual and industrial property.

Big Data and Data Protection

Data has become the raw material for companies and for the creation of new forms of business. But the processing of data requires compliance with strict legislation: the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which affects companies. Likewise, for individuals it provides a defence against violations that may occur due to the indiscriminate collection, storage or use of their data.

  • Web audit.
  • Protocols and clauses for data processing.
  • Confidentiality of personal data and the guarantee of privacy of privacy in the transmission or automated processing of personal data.
  • Claims or defence before the Spanish Data Protection Agency.
  • Development of Big Data projects.
  • User rights.
  • International transfer of data.
  • Data Protection Delegate Services.
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.
  • Automatic cars.

We guarantee data protection thanks to a team of big data lawyers experienced in both individual cases and business scenarios.


Cyber-attacks are a growing problem, which is why cybersecurity has become a fundamental factor for any company. Poor management of both information and the infrastructures that support it can affect not only financially, but also the reputation of the company. It is therefore necessary to comply with a series of protocols, methods, tools and laws to minimise possible damage.

  • Security breaches.
  • Impact assessments.

Our cybersecurity lawyers work to ensure compliance with the obligations to which companies are subject in order to guarantee the security of their data.


Blockchain is a technology that allows companies and individuals to make their businesses more efficient through the use of smart contracts, protect their innovations through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), or carry out investments in either NFT assets or virtual currencies. But the use of Blockchain involves taking into account a number of factors and legal requirements.

  • Smart Contracts.
  • NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

We have a team of lawyers specialised in Blockchain who are able to provide comprehensive advice on different cases of implementation of this technology.


E-Commerce is a new form of business creation and distribution of products and services over the Internet, aimed at customers anywhere in the world. However, this Internet activity is affected by a wide and changing legislation that will be necessary to know in order to give legal answers to questions of contracting, consumer and user defence or web legalisation, among others.

  • Adaptation to the Information Society Services Act
  • Auditing of websites and portals.
  • Consumer protection.
  • Electronic contracts.

Access to the international legal advice of our team of lawyers specialised in Ecommerce, designed to cover both users and web developers.

Online Reputation

With the advent of Internet, buying, investing, recommending or applying for a job depends to a large extent on the image others have of us, in others words, our reputation. Brand misuse, insults, threats, defamation, etc. can affect both business and personal image. Finding the most effective legal response is essential to protect reputation.

  • Digital Identity.
  • Right to honour, privacy and self-image.
  • Right to be forgotten.
  • Social networks.

Access to advice aimed at protecting digital identity through a team of lawyers specialised in corporate reputation.