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Lawyers specialists in Cybersecurity

At Navas & Cusí we have a team of lawyers specialising in compliance with the obligations to which companies are subject in order to guarantee the security of their data.
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Cyber-attacks are a growing problem, which is why cybersecurity has become a fundamental factor for any company. Deficient management of both information and the infrastructures that support it can affect not only economically, but also the company's reputation. It is therefore necessary to comply with a series of protocols, methods, tools and laws to minimize possible damage.

Cybersecurity legal advice

Information has become one of the main assets of companies, which is managed through different devices connected to the Internet.

The problem comes when this information is affected by cybercriminals, who use the Internet to carry out cyberattacks, with the aim of altering or deleting information, extorting money, or breaking into processes, among others. This forces companies to manage all possible cyber risks that could affect data protection or lead to information leaks.

Cybersecurity seeks to protect the information in interconnected systems and falls within the scope of information security.

It is essential that all companies dedicate part of their resources to cybersecurity, as any mistake can lead to a scandal that can significantly affect both the company’s image and its productivity.

To protect the information, it is necessary to comply with the measures imposed by law, protocols, methods, or tools, as well as to follow the recommendations established by cybersecurity entities, such as those of the Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE).

Companies must guarantee the security of all their information, its integrity, availability, and confidentiality in all their systems and work processes, as well as raise awareness among employees of the possible cyber risks and the need to comply with the measures and recommendations set out. At Navas & Cusí, we offer advice on the obligations to which companies are subject to ensure the security of their data.

  • Proactive Accountability.
  • Recording of processing activities.
  • Adoption of technical and organizational privacy measures by design and by default.
  • Security breaches.
  • Impact assessments.


The implementation of new technologies has led to the creation of a new generation of crimes linked to computer systems: “computer crimes” or “cyber crimes”.

Computer-related crimes are those crimes that already exist but whose commission is facilitated through computer media, such as the Internet.

The increase in connections with the digital world, digital consumption, and the lack of knowledge on the part of a large part of users, means great advantages for cybercriminals and a high risk for society. For this reason, with the reform of the Criminal Code in 2015, the first mentions of cybercrime appeared when referring to the medium used. Among the most common are: computer fraud (Art. 248), computer sabotage (Art. 263), or crimes related to intellectual and industrial property (Art. 270). At Navas & Cusí we offer advice and legal assistance in all kinds of criminal proceedings by computer:

  • Computer crimes relating to intellectual and industrial property
  • Hacking and cracking
  • Disclosure and discovery of secrets
  • Computer Fraud (Phishing, Vishing, Scam, Smishing…)
  • Industrial espionage
  • Computer sabotage
  • Fraud of swindling
  • Money laundering offences
  • Threats, Harassment, Cyberbullying
  • Harassment of minors for sexual purposes (Grooming) and inducement to sexting and subsequent extortion.
  • Digital gender violence