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Lawyers specialists in Intellectual and Industrial Property

At Navas & Cusí we are experts in Intellectual and Industrial property. We have lawyers with more than twenty years’ experience in this field.
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Committed to Innovation

The importance of protecting innovations through Intellectual Property, which includes Industrial Property (patents, utility models, trademarks and designs) and Copyright, resides in a benefit for innovators in the sense of securing their creations and protecting them, thus avoiding a loss of profits or a leakage of information that others can take advantage of.

Intellectual Property (IP)

Intellectual property law covers any creation of the human intellect, such as literary, artistic, or scientific creations, expressed in any medium. At Navas & Cusí we believe that fostering creativity and innovation contributes to economic and social development. Therefore, given the current vulnerability of creations and innovations, and the importance of guaranteeing their protection against third parties, we offer comprehensive advice and defense in intellectual property matters.

In addition, we do so in different types of protected works, such as novels, films, plays, paintings, photographs, television programs, databases, apps, computer programs, video games… among others.

Navas & Cusí offers the following services:

Defense and assignment of exploitation rights (reproduction, distribution, transformation, public communication…).

Claims for copyright plagiarism of all types of works: scientific, musical, audiovisual, photographic, computer programs, videogames…).

Licenses for use.

Protection of audiovisual works. Photographic and cinematographic works, television and radio programs.

Intellectual property succession rights.

Copyright mortgages.

Defense of the rights of actors and performers.

Protection of computer programs.

Protection of video games and apps.

Protection of electronic databases.


Trademarks and Patents

Associated with Industrial Property and with a greater global transcendence at a business level are Trademarks and Patents.

Trademarks are distinctive signs that allow companies to differentiate their products and services from other competitors in the market. Trademarks are associated with a series of attributes that can represent a high added value. It is therefore essential that they be given adequate protection.

For this purpose, the law offers as a protection mechanism: trademark registrations. The registration of a trademark grants, on the one hand, exclusive ownership of its use and, on the other hand, the possibility of excluding third parties from using it.

There are certain types of registrations depending on the scope of protection to be obtained: National Trademark Registration, European Trademark Registration or International Trademark Registration.

Patents, on the other hand, allow inventions to be converted into profits. A patent is obtained by registering it, which grants exclusive ownership and the right to exploit it.

There are different types of patents: National Patent, European Patent, and International Patent.

At Navas & Cusí we consider the protection of trademarks and patents to be a fundamental factor and a means of investment, by means of which we can avoid, reduce and anticipate future problems of improper and inappropriate use by third parties. We, therefore, offer comprehensive advice on all types of registrations and legal defense adapted to each case.

Navas & Cusí offers the following industrial property services:

National Patent Protection

European Patent Protection

International Patent Protection (PCT)

Legal defense against third parties

Protection of Utility Models

Protection of Know-how

Protection of national and Community industrial design

Protection of trademarks, service marks, collective marks, guarantee marks, and trademarks. National, Community, and international trademarks. Trade names.

Due Diligence

Protection of trade secrets

Technology transfer

Protection of semiconductor topographies


Community Plant Variety Protection

Ineffectiveness of licenses of use

Mediation and Arbitration in the World Intellectual Property Organization

Legal Defence

Navas & Cusí offers legal assistance and management services to holders of intellectual and industrial property rights who wish to bring legal actions and proceedings before national, European, and international authorities to request the cessation of illicit activities in the event of infringements of copyright and industrial property rights, in addition to claiming compensation for the material and moral damages caused by such activities.

Similarly, and within these procedures, it is possible to request the adoption of precautionary measures to urgently halt the infringement, pending the resolution of the legal proceedings that have been initiated, in order to avoid further damage.

We are specialists in Intellectual and Industrial Property, Patents and Trademarks