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Navas & Cusí law firm

Our law firm stablished in Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels, Shangai and Miami is a multidisciplinary law firm, specialized t in international law, Banking law, Financial law, Corporate law and European law.

The closeness and quality

At the law firm we provide comprehensive legal advice and legal defense services to individuals, entities and companies, both national and international.

The law firm Navas & Cusí and its partner-Director, Juan Ignacio Navas Marqués, are benchmarks throughout Spain as experts in Banking and Financial Law. The ifrm has obtanined more than four hundred favorable judgments obtaining the cancellation and recovery of the investment in financial products such as: Interest Rate swaps, floor clauses, subordinated, convertible bonds, multi-currency mortgages, Contracts for Differences, etc. From the beginning, Juan Ignacio Navas Marqués, Partner-Director of Navas & Cusí, has understood the current law and has planned the Firm for, given the current trends, offer our clients an effective and comprehensive legal advisory service, adapted to their needs in all areas of Law (banking and financial, investment and international, mercantile and corporate trade, stock market, community, procedural,…).

Through our team of highly qualified lawyers and consultants with consolidated experience, we accompany companies and individuals in all those legal aspects that they ,uys face in their daily activities. The differential characteristic of our law firm is to offer personalized attention and advice to our clients, to whom we provide the most appropiate service according to their specific needs.