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Specialists in Real Estate Law

Navas & Cusí is a Spanish law firm specialized in Real Estate law and investment in Real Estate, giving services all around the globe.
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The relevance of the Real Estate law area

Real estate law is one of the most important legal areas in our legal system, as it deals with issues of particular notoriety and sensitivity, such as the real estate investment, purchase and sale of real estate, rental or lease contracts for urban property, as well as any type of operation that concerns the real estate system, including any legal disputes that may arise from it.

In addition, in recent years property law has become particularly important, as it is one of the main economical driving forces of developed countries. It is an area of constant social, political, legislative and administrative change.

From a legal point of view, it can be defined as the field of Civil Law that regulates everything related to real estate activity, like eviction, Due Diligence before a purchase, the Land Registry, Mortgage Legislation, Lease Agreements, etc.

Sometimes, the Real Estate is only a part of the issue. This is the case of investment in Real Estate, where one part is Real Estate and the other is related to commercial and corporate law.

Legal services of a lawyer specialized in property & real estate law.

Navas & Cusí, has a department of lawyers specialized in all types of real estate transactions. The firm has a long record dealing with Real Estate operations and solving problems regarding real estate and property.

Some of the operations that Navas & Cusí has intervened as professionals are the following:

  • Investment in Real Estate for companies. This needed from the firm a previous Due Diligence in the target (real estate goods) and, if mandatory, Due Diligence regarding the company owner of the assets and the work to take the asset out of the company.
  • Investment in Real Estate for foreign people in Spain. As an international firm, stablished apart than Spain, in Belgium, USA, China and Greece, we have helped in the contract, purchase or sale for foreign people who wants to invest in Spain or keep a second residence. Our services also include soft landing (NIE, bank account, etc.).
  • Investment in operational assets, such as Hotels.
  • Also, due to the fact that some individuals have their second residence in Spain and only use it for a few months, sometimes they find their staying not as pleasant because the find some problems with neighbors due to the land or the city hall.
  • Advice and direction of procedures for claiming construction defects and building defects.

The reason to have a law firm assesing.

Since the relevance and technicism of investment in real estate has such importance, it is important to have the advice of a law firm specialized in real estate law in order to keep up to date with these legal and jurisprudential developments.

As stated above, it is very important to have adequate legal advice, and avoid problems regarding all the different laws and taxes that have a role in this area.

If you require legal advice on property matters, please do not hesitate to contact any of our offices located in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, and internationally, Brussels (Belgium), Athens, Miami and Shangai, and a lawyer specialized in property law from Navas & Cusí will provide you with assistance for all of the legal advice and support you need.

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