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Consulting for companies

Navas y Cusí’s business consulting area offers comprehensive support to help companies advance in their digitalization, improve talent management, align with different regulations or strengthen all kinds of growth strategies, among other key aspects for the sustainability and success of companies.

Consulting Services

Un equipo experto para resolver sus necesidades y prepararlo para los retos actuales y futuros, con la máxima garantía.
Our consulting services are provided throughout the European Union, with our headquarters in Brussels as our strength.

The firm initiated the development of its consulting area as a result of two differential elements:

  • The experience acquired in providing services to companies in order to obtain European funds.
  • 40 years of service to clients offering assistance in relation to legal matters; with several success stories.

These two elements are added to the internationalization of the firm, acting in different territories and obtaining market data and trends in advance, which translates into a strength for the company that hires our services.

One of the most common cases we are entrusted with is the internationalization of companies, either from Spain to the United States, China or the European Union in general, or from other countries to the territory of Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg, as well as to Spain. The implementation of a foreign entertainment company in Spain is noteworthy in this regard, but it is not the only specialization.

The need for advice in the digital world in our consulting area is a constant. The services provided in this area have been diverse, including the successful commercialization as NFT of a famous meme and the development of a global audiovisual rights company.

In the world of public procurement, our experience is remarkable, offering our services to comfortably exceed the requested specifications, or to ensure that direct award procedures are carried out properly. In this sense, we highlight projects obtained in which we have managed the interests of national public bodies before the European Union.

In addition to the above, of the services offered by Navas & Cusí as part of its consultancy services, we can highlight the following:

  • International expansion, either of companies that want to deploy in BENELUX or of companies that want to come from abroad to Spain.
  • Market research.
  • Assistance in partner selection for digital transformation.
  • Provision of digital forensics services.
  • Expert consultancy on European Union legislation
  • Expert consultancy in the development of optimization for work methods
  • Expert consulting in audiovisual rights and new technologies.
  • Expert consultancy in financing projects in the European Union
  • Expert consulting in energy projects

For all these reasons, and in accordance with the above-mentioned and demonstrable experience, at Navas & Cusí we end by repeating the question: How can we help you? You can contact us at our phone numbers on the contact page, as well as through the contact form and e-mails found on that page.