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Extensive specialization in the field of European Union

Navas & Cusí is a Spanish firm based in Spain & Brussels, with delegations in Shanghai and Miami. More than 37 years of experience working in the legal field for corporate companies and individuals.
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The department of consumers and user protection law

Once you are ready to invest, or have already invested in any company, you need legal assistance or at least a law firm who can provide services to that company. In order to do that and be well assessed you need a firm who can work aligned with your interest.

In Navas & Cusí we have more than 37 years of expertise helping national & foreing companies or their individuals to take care of any problem that may arise; this is due to the multidisciplinary expert team in our offices who can assist you in English or French.

The firm was born in Spain with an international scope from the beginning, which led us to assist foreign companies in their expansion in Spain or helping them to promote & defend their interests in Spain. Once the firm started their expansion through Spain and became a referent is European law, the firm opened their office in Brussels, the heart of the European Union, where we tied bonds with firms in Asia in USA in order to help our clients in any country around the world.

With our expertise and our international knowledge we can assist any company from our offices, national or international, to handle their interest in the European Union. In case that the company is from the United States of America or Asia we can work with our collaborators in those countries to make sure that the client receives the best advise.

The relevance of the European law

To assure the success of any investment in Europe or defense in a European country (such as Belgium or Spain) is necessary to be an expert in the European Law and the regional law, something that Navas & Cusí can deliver.

In case that the issue is not seen under the light of the European light the interested one can find that the advise has been misleading. This is specially relevant when we are talking about regulated sectors, such as finance or healthcare industry; this is the reason why we suggest to find an specialized firm in European or Community law as Navas & Cusí.

Expertise and International knowledge

If you need legal assistance in the European Union we will be glad to assist you from any of our offices, including Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels, Valencia, Miami or Shanghai.

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