Monitoring, Planning, Supervision and of Compliance with EU Norms

Lately the production of new directives is increasing, establishing higher levels of protection, covering new matters or updating the already existing discipline.

International competition is a major concern of EU law, and that’s why the Union requires that all the operators within the internal market comply with the same rules.

At domestic level the process of harmonization to the discipline set by EU Directives is moving fast and this has as a consequence that some business practices are destined to change quickly.

The most part of European businesses don’t know the EU norms or apply them wrong or partially. The full comprehension of the burdens and obligations set by EU law is fundamental since infringements could have as a consequence heavy sanctions that could even involve the temporary or permanent closure of the company in question.

The Firm provides legal advice on the operations of compliance that entrepreneurs and companies must carry out to avoid sanctions, on the applicability of EU norms to practical cases, and on the problematics arising from state aid and free circulation of goods and services within the European framework.

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Navas & Cusi Lawyers can also grant legal representation before Spanish and EU Tribunals and Authorities.

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