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Structured Deposits

Navas Cusí files claims, either judicial or extrajudicial, against the financial institutions, in defense of their clients.
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What structured deposits are?

Structured deposits are financial products with high profitability that have been mass marketed by the financial institutions of this country with a medium to long term profitability, but linked, in an underlying manner, to the evolution of one or various securities or to the contribution of a group of shares or other index.

Regulation 12876/2006 developed by Community Directive 2004/93 imposes on the financial institutions the development of a conflict of interests manual between the investor and the institution, which on several occasions has not been fulfilled.

The investor has also not been informed by the institutions that it is a derivative product with a high level of protection from the European Community Directive, so that there have even been cases in which they have offered credit to the investors by setting at the end of the deposit period a contribution rate that, when it is lower, the client receives the shares at a lower price than that at which they were bought, which implies great losses and the obligation of returning the credit at the price at which the shares were bought.

There have also been cases in which the investor has lost the majority of the amount of the deposits, when the institutions contravene the existing legal provisions in the matter.

In cases where there have been negligent proceedings in the marketing of these deposits on the part of the financial institutions, Navas Cusí files claims, either judicial or extrajudicial, in defense of the clients.

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