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What are the EU Staff Regulations and who apply?

The EU Staff Regulations constitute the legal framework defining the rights, duties and working conditions of officials (temporary and permanent), contract agents, local staff and external agents of the EU institutions.

It plays a crucial role, as it establishes the procedures for lodging complaints against administrative decisions adversely affecting the rights of EU staff members, as well as their review by the CJEU.

Interposition of complaints against administrative decisions

The regulation gives EU employees the right to challenge administrative decisions that they consider prejudicial to their statutory rights. Some key features are:

  • Elegibility: includes permanent officials, temporary staff, local staff, contract agents, probationary staff, or former employees.
  • Objective of the complaint: Allows affected individuals to challenge decisions that they believe violate their rights, whether they are explicit or implicit decisions.
  • Claim filing deadline: Claims must be filed within three months of the publication of the decision or notification to the individual concerned. The administration has a maximum period of four months to respond.
  • Administrative review: The competent authority examines the complaint and makes a decision, revising the original decision.

If the administrative complaint is rejected or a response is not received within the prescribed time limit, the employee may lodge an appeal with the CJEU, within a specified time limit.

The CJEU has jurisdiction to review administrative acts affecting EU employees and may annul such acts if they are considered unlawful and, in certain cases, award damages.

Examples: case studies


  • An EU employee is dismissed for reasons of inefficiency. The employee could disagree with this assessment and seek a review of the decision.
  • An EU employee applies for early retirement due to health problems. The case would involve assessment of his health condition and determination of whether he qualifies for sick retirement.
  • An EU employee files a formal grievance about a decision not to promote him or her, alleging that the evaluation process was unfair. If the initial complaint is dismissed, the employee may choose to take the case to the CJEU.

A female employee files a complaint alleging gender discrimination in her workplace. After receiving an unsatisfactory response to her initial complaint, she decides to appeal to the CJEU.

These examples are merely illustrative of how the regulation could be applied in specific situations.

Successful cases: Our experience

Over the years, the law firm Navas & Cusí has played a crucial role in rectifying unfair administrative decisions. These cases have covered a wide range of matters, from disputes over promotions and performance evaluations to issues of workplace harassment and discrimination.

Successes in these cases have confirmed the importance of having formal channels for appealing these decisions, and have demonstrated our commitment to fairness, ensuring that administrative decisions are made in a fair and transparent manner.

Summary: principles of fairness and justice

The regulation (“staff regulation”) includes an essential mechanism for maintaining fairness within the EU institutions. It provides employees with a formal avenue for appealing decisions that adversely affect their employment rights, ensuring the principles of fairness and justice.

If you are an EU official, our firm is equipped with the experience, expertise and dedication to assist you throughout the procedure.

Understanding the intricate details of the EU Staff Regulations can be a daunting challenge, especially when faced with administrative decisions that seem unfair or incorrect. At Navas&Cusí, we are experts in providing accurate and effective legal guidance on EU law matters. Our track record speaks for itself, with a long list of successful cases where we have ensured that justice and fairness prevail. Don’t let the complexity of the system affect your rights; contact us for support from a community law attorney, and navigate these challenges with confidence.

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