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The digital environment has transformed content into a crucial asset, and intellectual property (IP) is the foundation on which creators can build their careers. Protecting this asset is not a luxury, but a fundamental necessity. As IP lawyers, we stress the importance for content creators to know and implement effective measures to safeguard their work and prevent encroachment. Here are some key strategies to ensure the value of your creations on the Internet.

1. Know that intellectual property exists and that it protects

The first thing to know is that intellectual property also applies to content creators, whatever their type. Some elements that are regulated and that must be known are the following:

Copyright: For original works such as videos, photos, texts… This has a value that cannot be unfairly taken advantage of.

Trademarks: the influencer’s name or pseudonym can be a fundamental asset. It should be registered soon so that it is not stolen by others.

Patents: This would serve above all for investments that are made, since creativity in new technical solutions is less common. –

Industrial Designs: That aesthetic you have created for something, has to be protected.

2. Copyright and trademark registration

The creation of content usually entails the protection of rights, but a prior registration is always recommended to avoid problems of having to go to court to discuri and take advantage of the benefits offered by this protection. Registering a trademark is also critical to protect an influencer’s personal brand, especially for unauthorized use.

3. Use of contracts and licensing agreements

When signing a contract with a trademark, a clear contract must be signed that defines several aspects, including use and limitation of use, who owns the intellectual property, etc.

4. Active monitoring and compliance

It is necessary to have professional experts who actively monitor whether someone is taking undue advantage of the benefits of an influencer or content creator. Otherwise the efforts made may be in vain.

5. Expert advice on claims

A team of expert lawyers is necessary, in order to defend the rights. At Navas & Cusí we have successfully defended multiple content creators and intellectual property cases, both nationally and internationally.

The above is just a brief summary to help those influencers who want to know their rights and protection measures.

If you are looking to protect your work in the digital environment, it is essential to have the proper legal support. At Navas&Cusí, as Expert Lawyers Influencers and Content Creators, we offer specialized advice to safeguard your creations. Don’t let others benefit unfairly from your efforts. Secure the value and safety of your digital assets today.

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