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Lawyers for entrepreneurs and startups: Navas & Cusí Legal Partners

At Navas Cusi Legal Partners, we have a specialized team of lawyers for entrepreneurs and start-ups, who will get fully involved in the project, offering a unique legal advice service.
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What is Navas Cusí Legal Partners?

Navas Cusí Legal Partners is part of the Navas & Cusí Law Firm responsible for providing support to entrepreneurs and start-ups, specializing in all the areas required by entrepreneurs, making us the entrepreneur’s lawyer. Our philosophy seeks total involvement in the development of the project, from the beginning and with accompaniment throughout its progress.

Who is it aimed at? Lawyers for entrepreneurs

Legal Partners is aimed at any entrepreneur or company (incorporated or in an embryonic state) that needs the professional services of a multidisciplinary law firm. We are aimed at those entrepreneurs or start-ups that are at any stage of maturity and require legal advice and help for different types of matters (negotiations, corporate problems…)

What do we do?

Navas & Cusí becomes the companion/partner of entrepreneurs, providing a comprehensive service in exchange for different forms of remuneration (sometimes even legal venture capital). Through this figure of partner, the law firm and the entrepreneur ensure the creation of a relationship in which the good of the entrepreneur or start-up is sought, as the law firm becomes a figure similar to the partner in which everyone seeks a good.

In order to become a partner, we offer, from what we consider to be an international law firm established in 4 different locations (Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels, and Marbella), comprehensive legal advice, without ever losing the duty of impartiality that prevails in the legal profession.

A relevant aspect of the services we offer is the opening of the door to financing for companies. For this purpose, we have private investors, but the most important thing for entrepreneurs is the access we have to European non-repayable funds.

New forms of financing for entrepreneurs and start-ups

As forms of financing, we find, among others, crowdfunding, in its various forms such as real estate crowdfunding or crowdlending.

The relentless advance of new technologies has led to the creation in recent years of new concepts that move away from the use of traditional forms of financing -banking-. Crowdfunding is one of these new concepts, and it works as follows: on one side we have the figure of the promoter or inventor of a project who seeks funding for his project; and on the other side of the coin we have the investor, which in this case is made up of thousands of small investors who seek to obtain a return on the chosen project. In other words, thousands of different investors back an idea or business model with a small contribution.

This modality requires prior authorization from the National Securities Market Commission and is regulated by Law 5/2015, of 27 April, on the promotion of business financing.

We have a privileged position for this purpose thanks to our office located in the heart of the capital of Europe: Brussels.

Another of the most important points for entrepreneurs is the protection of investments and the protection of the company’s corporate system.

We are specialists in Startups and Crowdfunding