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Procedural Law

Management of proceedings in all jurisdictions, including proceedings before the European Economic Community and other international bodies.
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Procedural Law

Navas & Cusí is a law firm who has more than 35 years of experience in procedural law; this law firm takes part on the habitual judgements assistance and claims to the ordinary jurisdiction, quantity claims, commercial disputes, etc. Trough out these past years of experience, we have provided our services and legal advice to Spain and in other countries, including supranational organizations.

This law firm has an equipment specialized in civil procedure law, and the normal tasks performed by this team, among others, are quantity claims, collection management, civil and extra contractual liability, as well as the technical direction of any legal proceedings requiring legal assistance.

All of this is complemented by a permanent information system that provides regular information of the progress of client legal files.

Furthermore, our team is well prepared, they have been formed with a mercantile base and their extensive knowledge is supported with more than 30 years of experience on procedural issues. Navas & Cusí is prepared to approach any subject by analyzing, studding and adding their advanced self-knowledge on private law.

Our specialization includes legal procedures arising from obligations and mercantile contracts, and business transactions of all kinds, national and international arbitration, enforcement and national and international procedures for setting aside arbitral awards too. There are also procedures emerging from exequatur procedure, and corporate disputes like challenging social agreements, liability of administrators and liquidation or settlement of internal conflicts between partners.

Among all the work we do, if there is one thing that stands out from our experience, it is that we have initiated and directed important procedures of formal complaint against the European Commission antitrust department for a dominant position abuse, restrictive agreements and collusive arrangements between companies with relevant markets in the sphere of the European Union. Which has allowed us to consolidate our experience as a pioneering law firm in the European Union.

The procedural law department formed by experienced lawyers in courts is constantly striving to provide answers, solve doubts or legal requirements of our clients, regardless of whether it is a consumer or a company.

Through our national and international offices located in Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Valencia and Brussels, we are also in charge of attending company bankruptcies, advising and carrying out the management of delinquencies by unpaid clients, proposing the best extrajudicial and judicial action, in order to obtain the quickest recovery of credits.

In this context, it has to be noted that, our Navas & Cusí specialized equipment count with a supported experience in bankruptcy law in the context of litigation law.

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