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Brexit lawyers: Legal advice for British residents and companies operating in Spain

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Brexit lawyers: Legal advice for British residents and companies operating in Spain

Our multidisciplinary legal advices are addressed to those British citizens that currently live, work or have their habitual residence in Spain, as well as to those persons and companies who are planning to start a business or buy a house in the country in the aftermath of the Brexit.

How the exit of the United Kingdom affects the European Union

The results of the referendum held this July 2016 in the United Kingdom, that aims to the exit of the UK from the European Union will bring several uncertainties both for British and Spanish persons, companies and businesses operating in Spain: An unthinkable scenario until a not so long ago, that will affect all British residents in Spain, people working in the Country, house buyers and businesses.

Our Law Firm operates since time in Spain and Brussels, and is as well connected with the United Kingdom. This condition set us in a strategic place to assess consequences of the so called “Brexit”, including what will happen to British people and companies in regard of residential, economic and social issues, in order to provide the best advice over the strategic decisions to take in those fields.

There is no reason of an immediate alarm, since the process of leaving itself requires the formal notification to the European Union and the EU Parliament has still to be addressed. That means, as established by art. 50 of the Treaty, that the material disconnection, unless otherwise convened, will be produced in at least two years. It is foreseeable that in two years nothing is going to change about residence rules, as well as job permissions, social security and business obligations. It would be highly irresponsible, though, to not take the right preventive measures.

That doesn’t mean, in fact, that uncertainties don’t exist already about the up mentioned subjects and that the possibility of serious changes would not concretize in the near future. We can certainly bet, anyway, that the relationships between Spain and the UK concerning businesses and citizens will be regulated by new bilateral treaties, by the application of the European Economic Area agreement and by other legal instruments.

In Navas & Cusi Abogados we put our expertise in public, private and business law to grant an advisory activity that is tailored on the particular features of the client-business or physical person- to highlight the best way to pass through the transition of the UK out of the European Europe.

The particular circumstances requires the right planning of-among others- real estate purchase and sale, property rights, residential and citizenship proceedings, management of participations and shares, tax maneuvers and inheritance. This last could be particularly affected, since the Directive giving the right of election over the applicable law of British citizens living in Spain could not be applicable anymore. It is fundamental, then, to anticipate the changes through the application of international treaties and International Private Law.

Law firm’s expertise in eu law, specialized in legal advice over the consequences of brexit

Our Law Firm operates throughout the whole national territory, through its main seats in Madrid, Barcelona and Marbella and its external seat in Brussels, which grants the connection with the EU institutions. Every office of the Firm can provide legal experts in EU law, regarding resident and non-resident British persons and entities, with solutions that aim to foresee and prevent any kind of problem related to real estate, nationality, change of residence, tax law, business, and social security. In addition to that, we offer advice over transnational business relations, as well as economic and corporate law solutions.

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