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The fears predicted by artificial intelligence experts have been realised. It has been leaked that a ChatGPTe-like artificial intelligence database trained on malware systems has appeared on the dark web to make it easier for fraudsters and those hacking devices, information or social scams to profit. It is clear that technological advances are not only used for good.

According to what we have seen to date, this type of hacking is based on deceiving the person, either by sending false documents that include a virus from an account that generates trust in the recipient, or by sending documents pretending to be a person or emails with the aim of making the third party believe that it is real information and proceed to give them money or access to places they should not have access to. In this sense, we can highlight those emails that pretend to be Blockchain, asking them to send an amount of money. To do this, they use the software to maintain communication with the victim.

As an expert firm in cybersecurity, we are finding that these issues are becoming a real problem. One example is that people are no longer just being scammed once, but after giving their personal data or confidential information to the scammers, the scammers use the information to obtain loans, thus making a higher profit. The problem in these cases is that the scammer is only aware that they have been scammed once, but they are not aware that they have stolen the data to ask for a loan until they receive a seizure.

Technology scams. They have been around for years. We can say that they are as old as technology itself, but they are reaching a very high level of sophistication; and this sophistication, together with the lack of training, is making these scams a scourge.

At Navas & Cusí, lawyers with expertise in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, we advise both individuals and companies on scams, cybercrime problems or even breach of contract related to new technologies. This allows us to advise people once they have been scammed or to try to help them avoid scams. In fact, we are sometimes contracted to provide training on the risks we encounter and what to avoid.

As advice, in this article we recommend that to avoid being scammed by this new WormGPT software, we must take extreme precautions, be cautious with the companies we work with and the emails we open, check that the company we are talking to and the domain is the real one, and be wary of opportunities that are too good.

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