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At Navas & Cusí, we highlight emblematic cases that reflect how our dedication and strategic approach have led to success in resolving complex international legal disputes. Recently, we handled a case involving a Spanish company and a Greek group specializing in the construction of natural gas pipelines, which clearly illustrates our commitment to legal success.

The background of this litigation centered around a subcontract for technical services between our client, the Spanish company, and the Greek group, which acted as the main contractor for projects in Greece and Bulgaria. The complexity of the case stemmed from the existence of two separate legal contracts:

One for the construction of pipelines in Greece, under Greek jurisdiction and its courts.

Another contract for construction in Bulgaria, subject to Bulgarian jurisdiction and its courts.

The total amount of both contracts exceeded 3 million euros. Our greatest achievement lay in the legal strategy employed to resolve a debt of over 800,000€, thereby avoiding a complex litigation that would have required legal proceedings in both Greece and Bulgaria. We particularly considered the technical and logistical complexity of facing simultaneous claims in two different jurisdictions.

Insight and strategic vision proved crucial in this case. We advocated for international mediation, seeking to modify the jurisdiction clause for Bulgarian courts in the contract. We succeeded in obtaining exclusive recognition of Greek courts for the entirety of the debt, encompassing both contracts, which was a resounding success.

The most significant milestone was achieved through a successful mediation, where the opposing party acknowledged its outstanding debt, and a payment schedule was agreed upon for its full settlement. The conclusion of this mediation was formalized in a legal document, the Mediation Agreement, submitted and validated by the competent judicial authority, granting an enforceable title. This legal tool empowered us to carry out asset seizures, freeze bank accounts, and take other measures in the event of payment default, without the need for an additional court judgment.

In summary, this case exemplifies not only the successful resolution of a complex cross-border legal dispute but also the effectiveness of innovative legal strategies focused on mediation and the modification of contractual clauses. At Navas & Cusí, we recognize the crucial importance of meticulous legal planning and strategy, elements that, in our experience, largely determine the success and client satisfaction in resolving their cases.

Furthermore, we have strategically located offices in Madrid, Brussels, Athens, and Barcelona, giving us a broad reach to operate virtually anywhere in the world. Our highly trained lawyers in European and international law enable us to successfully handle global and international cases in multiple languages.

This article provides a practical example to illustrate legal strategies applied in specific situations, preserving confidentiality by omitting specific details. It is essential to note that each case is unique and requires careful analysis by specialized legal professionals.

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