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The Belgian market is stable and has experienced an average positive growth of 2.2% annually for over 40 years. 

In the current context, investing in real estate remains an attractive asset for several reasons: 

  • It allows for diversification of assets. 
  • It enables financing of larger investment volumes. 
  • It offers returns and the possibility of generating capital gains. 

The “leverage effect” is a principle that involves borrowing to increase investment capacity and, therefore, increase long-term capital, thus enhancing profitability. 

For a successful investment in the Belgian real estate market, it will be necessary to analyze, among other factors, interior renovations or improvements, the energy certificate, and the location. 

Things to consider when investing in Belgium:  

Investing in real estate in Belgium has experienced growing popularity in recent years. Interest rates remain attractive, but it entails assuming certain risks and requires in-depth analysis. For comprehensive analysis, three criteria are fundamental: 

  • Location: Investors with a higher risk profile will prefer emerging neighborhoods, where they will bet on their development, while more conservative profiles will focus on already established and stable areas. 
  • Asset typology: It will be necessary to analyze how the size and configuration of the property influence investment and profitability (number of rooms, orientation, etc.). For example, a 300 m² apartment with one north-facing room, or a 200 m² apartment with two south-facing rooms. 
  • The Energy Performance Certificate (PEB): The PEB acronym defines the energy performance of buildings in Belgium. This criterion has become increasingly important in recent years, especially today due to the energy crisis and implemented European Directives. 

These three criteria are complementary and must be taken into account when investing in Belgium. 

Recent data collected: 

During the year 2023, the real estate market was slightly less dynamic, with a lower number of transactions, according to the barometer of the Federation of Notaries (Fednot). The proportion of young buyers, aged 30 or younger, also decreased slightly. 

In recent months, the average price of a house has remained practically stable in Belgium compared to 2022: +0.9% without taking inflation into account. The price of an apartment has increased by +2.9%, indicating the strength of the real estate market. 

Experts in Belgium: 

In the realm of the Belgian real estate market, it is crucial to have the appropriate advice from local experts. Understanding the market, regulations, and differences between regions and municipalities is essential to maximize investment opportunities and minimize risks. 

At Navas & Cusí, we have a network of professionals experienced in the Belgian real estate market in addition to our legal expertise: real estate agents, notaries, and accountants, offering solid legal advice and providing high-quality service and personalized guidance. 


The Belgian real estate market is currently in a good place, as rental income and demand have multiplied in recent years. It is important to analyze the market and surround oneself with the best professionals to conduct a proper study and complete all procedures effectively. At Navas & Cusí, we have and collaborate with experienced and dedicated professionals for many years. 

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